Shahrukh Khan's Bad Day - April 18th - 2009

Shahrukh Khan's Bad DayTuesday, 18th August

So yesterday I read that Shahrukh Khan got stopped at an airport and was delayed 66 minutes. Today I’m reading in Google news that there are RIOTS in India, which I think is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. Even more ridiculous than people thinking that Lak Rana is hotter than me. Before anyone sends me hate mail, I think Shahrukh Khan is awesome and is one of the biggest and best stars in the world. However, this stuff happens all the time in airports and we, as South Asians, should accept this for what it is and move on.

Look, stereotypes are a part of our culture. Japanese people can’t drive, Jews are cheap, Indians, we’re super good looking (ok, so this is slightly exaggerated) and almost all brown people are checked three times for being terrorists – especially if your last name appears on a government watch list.

I’ve gotten pulled out of lines. So has my dad. I bet the four people reading this have too. Also, do protests really do anything? Let alone a protest taking place across the Atlantic Ocean? OH MY GOD INDIANS ARE PROTESTING ACROSS THE ATLANTIC! CALL A PRESS CONFERENCE!

Here’s the reality. As much as we’d like to believe, Bollywood stars aren’t famous enough in the US where they can do anything they want like American stars. (Although a few months ago I did see a picture of Akshay Kumar in Hollywood and I swear he was wearing a sparkle suit and gold sneakers. This outfit alone is a felony)

Shahrukh Khan has responded by saying that he will cut down on his US trips, which is unfortunate. I have no problem with whatever he decides. I have more of a problem with Bollywood movies including scenes where the actors play basketball and nobody can dribble! Really, I’ve seen four year olds dribble a basketball better, why write this into the movie? Like all the actors can dunk and they can jump like 30 feet in the air. NOW THIS is something worth protesting.

Trust me, one day if a Mexican blows up a government building every Mexican from here to Tijuana will be have to spend three hours getting their pockets searched. But for now it’s our turn and Mr. Shahrukh Khan will have to deal with it like the rest of us.

Tarun ShettyComment