Tarun Shetty


T A R U N   S H E T T Y

Having started his career as a doorman at New York's legendary "Boston Comedy Club," Tarun moved to L.A., quickly advancing to performing at colleges, corporate gigs, weddings, touring the Middle East for our troops, and club venues across the country.

He was one of the first original YouTube Partners where he wrote/acted/produced in the hit viral web series "Desi OC," garnering over 3 million views, and the independent movie "Bobby Khan's Ticket to Hollywood."  He was a series lead in the Disney's pilot "Code 9," guest-starred on NBC's "Grimm" and the thriller "DOE."  He co-starred in the sitcom pilot "No Money Down" that he also co-produced and currently tours as Bobby Khan, world famous Bollywood comedian.

Tarun also started working as a commercial print model while in college and has booked over 200 national campaigns and catalogues.

As a writer/producer/director, Tarun is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts film school.  He created the web series, "Rinku and Dinesh"  "Critical Mass," "Colorblind," "P.I.p.i.", his Facebook travel show “Tarun’s Travels,” the Instagram series “Brothers” and various spec commercials.  

He’s most proud of his first novel “LAUGHING IN HELL” - a fiction novel based upon true real life events. It’s a gritty story about the world of stand-up comedy. (link below!)



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Somebody once told me, “When you become a comedian, you’re not just choosing a profession. You’re choosing a lifestyle.” I should have listened harder.

My name is Jay Starr, and I’m a South Asian stand-up comic. I went to L.A. to pursue my comedy dreams but instead got twisted up in the world of Bollywood, meeting the love of my life and became a YouTube sensation known to the world as Tiger Rai. 

Tiger was everything that I wanted to become. Confident, happy, SUCCESSFUL. I played the best comedy clubs, committed infidelity with the hottest girls, and even got my own TV show alongside my idol. 

In Hollywood, everything is a fantasy. Even the lies I convinced everyone about how happy I was except the one person who always knew the truth - myself.

My new book. A fiction novel based upon true events!

My new book. A fiction novel based upon true events!