Tarun Shetty


T A R U N   S H E T T Y

Having started his career as a doorman at New York's legendary "Boston Comedy Club," Tarun moved to L.A., quickly advancing to performing at colleges, corporate gigs, weddings, touring the Middle East for our troops, and club venues across the country.

He was one of the first original YouTube Partners where he wrote/acted/produced in the hit viral web series "Desi OC," garnering over 5 million views, and the independent movie "Bobby Khan's Ticket to Hollywood."  He was a series lead in the Disney's pilot "Code 9," guest-starred on NBC's "Grimm" and the thriller "DOE."  He co-starred in the sitcom pilot "No Money Down" that he also co-produced and currently tours as Bobby Khan, world famous Bollywood comedian.

As a writer/producer/director, Tarun is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts film school.  He created the web series, "Rinku and Dinesh"  "Critical Mass," "Colorblind," "P.I.p.i." and various spec commercials.  

Tarun just released his first novel “LAUGHING IN HELL” - a fiction novel based upon true real life events. It’s a gritty story about the world of stand-up comedy.



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Jay Starr is a struggling South Asian stand-up comedian in New York city. During the day, he works as a bar back with a cast of hopeful degenerates. At night, he passes out flyers at a Hamburger restaurant in Times Square for stage-time and performs in empty rooms while awkwardly failing at any chance of getting laid. Jay escapes to Hollywood and links up with his old comedy buddy who introduces him to a manager but finds more despair in casting rooms because he doesn't fit the stereotypical "Indian look." Jay lands a job at an Indian TV show where he meets sultry Indian actress, Seema Shah, who convinces him to transform into YouTube viral internet Bollywood superstar, "Tiger Rai." Jay is catapulted into national fame as his Bollywood videos go viral, and he becomes the toast of the town. "Tiger" is an in demand stand-up comedian who performs at all the major Hollywood comedy clubs and is about to breakthrough on television as the lead of a network show, alongside Jay's childhood comedy hero. All the while, Jay struggles to maintain his alter-YouTube ego and spirals into a world of lechery, drugs and blackmail. Jay must abandon his persona and risks leaving the glamorous world he so desperately clamored to be a part of in order to survive the Hollywood machine.

My new book. A fiction novel based upon true events!

My new book. A fiction novel based upon true events!