Mr. Conrad Murray Manslaughter - Aug 21 - 2009

Mr. Conrad Murray ManslaughterFriday, 21st August
“Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, will be charged with manslaughter within the next two weeks,”this according to Fox New.

I love Michael Jackson and I love his music but I am tired about reading about his doctor Joseph Conrad. Really I’m tired of it. I’m tired going to the gym and seeing Dr. Conrad’s Murray’s face on all the TV screens. I’m tired of seeing every other article on Google News about him. Last week somebody sent me a youtube video!

This guy is now making youtube videos?! I added Dr. Conrad Murray on facebook, and he still hasn’t gotten back to me.

When I first saw his picture in CNN I was like “Why was Sidney Poitier administering Michael Jackson Propofol?” Now I’m afraid to admit I am a Dr. Joseph Conrad expert. I know where he’s from (Las Vegas) where he went to medical school (Meharry Medical College School Of Medicine) I even know what he got on his SAT’s. (680 Math, 640 Verbal)

So he killed one of the biggest pop icons in the world. These things happen. Look if anybody reading this wants to pay me $150,000 a month I will kill anybody you want. Heck, I’ll kill Lak Rana for free just let tell me where and how.

I’m not condoning what he did but Michael Jackson knew what he was getting into. Especially when you hire someone to drug you every night with hospital drugs. He’s lucky Dr. Conrad was insane enough to do this. Listen, I go to sleep every night the old fashioned way -- a bottle of red wine along with 9 sleeping pills. I tried the Propofol thing and I couldn’t even get the stupid gas from the tank into the stupid facemask.

So when Dr. Joseph Conrad goes to jail, which he will, don’t celebrate. He was just doing what he was paid to do. He just happened to get paid to kill Michael Jackson, which would probably get a death penalty in Bahrain or some other non-English speaking country. But at least he was doing a job, which is a semi-not bad thing. 
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