Digits - March 23 - 2009

DIGITS 101Monday, 23rd March
Ok, so both of these stories are completely true! I go for a casting last week and I meet this girl at in the waiting room who gives me her number. I get the digits, and I’m thinking EASY. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the dating scene. Why do guys make such a big deal about getting numbers? It’s cake. The girl was cute, good personality blah, blah. I’m Tarun Shetty, social interaction king. So four days go by and I call her and she doesn’t call back. Wow! OK NOW I UNDERSTAND why everyone complains about this.

Thankfully, I have a million other things going on to distract me but still, rejection sucks on any level so I was irritated. I mean why give me the number in the first place? Tell me you have a boyfriend, you’re a lesbian, you joined the peace corp! Make up something! Cut to yesterday night (Saturday) I get four missed calls from a random number. And then I get a text from the same number reading “DAM, I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU” These calls are coming from a 323 number, around 11pm so obviously, someone out there in LA wants to get with me.

I lost my phone sometime ago with all my numbers so I have no idea who on earth is calling me. I call my friend Lak because we have a lot of the same friends and I’m like “can you call this number?” I really believe it’s this girl from way back when who used to call me but I never did anything. Fate has magically brought her back into my life.

Lak calls me back two minutes later, laughing. He’s like SOME DUDE PICKED UP! I put two and two together and realize it’s some actor/comedian guy who I met sometime back and obviously he got the wrong message.

A part of me was totally grossed out by the whole thing, but then I’m like. You know, this guy is just going what I was doing to that girl I met at the casting. You gotta try.

Ladies, if some guy is asking for your number, just remember he’s just putting in the effort and seeing where the chips fall. And fellas, if some DUDE who looks three days away from being homeless, like he just got out of jail, and you find out that he was selling himself for gay sex 15 years ago for drug money. If he asks for your number. Well, it’s still gross and I get disgusted just thinking about it!

Over and out.

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