Indian Wedding Reception

I'm about to go to an Indian wedding reception.  The wedding was yesterday and the reception is tonight. There's so many events at Indian weddings. I think there's a post-reception next week to celebrate tonight's reception.

Whenever I go to a wedding my first thought is "wow, these people have to spend the rest of their lives together... forever"  Actually wait, my first thought is, "are there any hot girls at this thing?" No wait, that's my second thought.  My first thought is "what time are they serving dinner?"  No wait, even that's not right.  My first thought is "will anyone notice that there's a big stain on this suit because I spilt maple syrup on it at IHOP last week and didn't have time to get it dry cleaned."

The point to all this is I can't be the only person who over-analyzes every situation they walk into.  Just walk in, put a big fake smile and congratulate the couple.  When people ask me what I'm up to, I'll tell them that everything is great and then proceed to check my phone to make it seem like I'm so busy.

me - "Hey, hold on, one sec I have to take this."
other person - "Your phone isn't even on."
me - um...

So off I go to experience merriment and laughter.  Congrats to everyone who is able to get through the night and wake up tomorrow without a hangover. I hope I don't spill any alcohol on me.

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