Day Job Advice - Nov 13 - 2009

Day Job AdviceFriday, 13th November
I had a day job… for such a long time. I’m not going to lie, it sucked. I know many people who love what they do, their office, their collegue, whatever, and I so envy them. But if you have other interests the whole experience is soul killing. As a person who doesn’t have to go into an office but spent ten years setting an alarm clock, I want to give some advice. NOTHING IN LIFE IS PERMANENT!

You could be reading this on a computer right now. Guess what, in twenty years the monitor will probably be in a trash heap. See that pen by your desk? It will be in a landfill. Your boss who has no martial spouse and makes up for the loneliness by micromanaging you? He/she will be dead one day. At the very minimum, you will also be dead and don’t have to deal with lame office x-mas parties and “team spirit” mixers.

I’m telling you, there is hope. I know. Just do one thing. When you do get home tonight, spend 30 minutes doing what you want to do. Writing, painting, pottery. You might enjoy reading about Cats online. Whatever it is, DO IT! Life can be difficult so give yourself that. I know that you’re probably exhausted from work and all you want to do is watch tv and unplug your brain. But this is your only shot. 30 minutes. 1800 seconds. These little things add up. This is my life philosphy. Be so good that they can’t deny you. One day you will wake up on a Friday at 9:32 am, in the comfort of your own bed and be like. “Wow. I am free. I still hope my ex-boss is dead but I am free. Hallelujah.”
Tarun ShettyComment