Tiger Woods is My Hero - Dec 8th 2009

Tiger Woods is My HeroTuesday, 8th December

So Tiger Woods is having some serious problems. I read an article this morning that this guy could possibly have had nine mistresses while married. 9! And his wife is hot. No doubt about that. Which raises the obvious question, are all guys slimebags? Well, I think “all” is a bit absolute, but I think 90% of dudes are cheating assholes. To be fair, 91% of chicks are manipulative crazy psychos.

Here’s the problem. When we’re kids we are brainwashed to buy into this fairy tale marriage bs. Girls are like “I’m going to find prince charming.” Guys are like, “I’m going to find a hot wife who will look that the rest of her life and I will love forever.” (plus, if you have million dollar endorsements up the ying-yang, projecting a fake family life is probably beneficial)

With that said, if you don’t want to get married – DON’T.

I’ve see too many people pressured into marriage and they are miserable. This is a person that you will have to wake up next to for the rest of your life! You will never get laid by another person – ever. I’m not going to quote any fancy stat or whatever. I just think people would be happier if they followed their own instincts rather than succumb to external pressures.

I know what people are thinking. “Tarun you’re just bitter because your own relationships suck.”
This couldn’t be more true. I am bitter. Very bitter. In fact, I am emotionally dead inside. But with an empty soul comes clairvoyance and I speak the truth.

Quoting from the bible Apostle 16:32 “Get laidth us much as possible and enjoy your life”

So if you still really want to get married, go for it. Good luck to you and your Thursday date nights at Blockbuster. But lets not crucify Tiger, let’s thank him. This man has shown us what a sham marriage can be if done for the wrong reasons, and we should all pay attention.

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