Daily Thoughts - Oct 31st - 2005

Daily ThoughtsMonday, 31st October

Ok. First off. I almost titled this month's piece 'LAME JOURNAL ENTRY' because I'm writing this under the gun and am due at a comedy club in 34 minutes. My 'thoughts' (which is code for poor grammar and no substance) will have to do. Ready... set... read!


I remember when I used to write online once every two weeks. It seemed like I had nothing better to do. Now, every thought is directed toward some weekly deadline. That's what Hollywood does to you. I am producing and hosting a show 6 days a week, performing stand-up 4 nights a week. Traveling free weekends across the country to perform at colleges. I’m very tired. But what is life if you go through it and not give it your best shot?

I don’t know why people have the need to mention Russell Peters to me. "Do you know Russell Peters?" I get asked this question like 5X a week. He's a great comic but you should probably contact him directly if you want to get in touch with him. Yesterday someone asked me if I know Russell Peters and I told him he was my father.

I literally broke up with my girlfriend yesterday. And really, I don’t even know why. I could be the most self-destructive person on earth and I feel bad for any girl who starts a relationship with me. So ladies, if you’re out there my cell phone is 917-345-2434.

I was watching a desi comedy show, and I wonder why do desi comics rely on Indian accents so much in their acts? I now do an impression of my dad with a German accent, just to separate me from the pack.

I have a 3X5 picture of Charlie Chaplin hanging on my mirror. I've finally accepted that I'm no Chaplin. Not even close. However, I am Tarun Shetty, which I hope is worth something.

I casted a kid in one of my videos a few months ago. I met his roommate. I sat down, gave him advice on stand-up comedy and television. Next thing I know, my executive producer calls me into her office and gives me an e-mail. The kid actually wrote her a letter saying he could do better at my job and they should fire me! I almost had our receptionist call him for an interview.

“Thanks for coming in. So how did you hear about us?”

11:13. I am going to be late for my spot. I'm not getting paid tonight so does this mean I owe them money? It still feels good to vent even if you don't know me… I'm still here. 
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