Gobble, gobble, gobble. - Nov 26th - 2005

Gobble, gobble, gobbleSaturday, 26th November
Happy Thanksgiving!

Right now, it's 10 o'clock in the morning here in Hollywood. I am in my boxers and sweatshirt. I just ate a bowl of Kix and a slice of cheddar cheese. I rented the movie 'Stripes,' and I'm going to eat chinese food with some friends tonight.

I am a very, very lucky person. This month I want to give thanks to all the great things in my life.

1. Everyone on my mailing list - Thanks to my fan base who has given me a career. Even though I still get mail from people who think I'm directly related to Indian movie star, Sunil Shetty. (not true!) I'll take anything I can get.

2. New York - Thank-you for completely breaking me as a human being. Without NY, I would have never come to Los Angeles, become more bitter and self-loathing and then finally experience some success.

3. Peanut Butter Sandwiches - Thank-you for helping me survive, 2001-2003. Also, Tarun Shetty fact #456. Tarun's first post-college job was making peanut butter sandwiches in Greenwich Village for $7.00 an hour. So without peanut butter I would have never bought my first Ferrari.

4. A&E Television - Thank-you for giving me time to plan. My first job in corporate television. I would get all my work done by 11 am and then plan my life the rest of the day. To this day, I still never really understood what I was supposed to do.

5. Stand-up Comedy- I hate stand-up comedy 64% of the time but love it 37% of the time. Thank-you for the opportunity to overcharge colleges and date girls that would normally never talk to me.

6. New Hampshire - the best place on earth. If you think I'm saying that cause I'm from here... well, you're right.

7. LA Girls - I've been asked so many x's 'what kind of car do you drive?' Thank-you LA girl for making me appreciate the private education and upbringing God has blessed me with.

8. Bollywood Television - Thank-you for giving me an outlet. Although I didn't know who Shahrukh Khan was (Indian movie star) til about 6 months ago, and I can't sit through a Hindi dance number without wanting to jump out a window, I'm glad such a thing exists.

9. Bruce Lee - Have you seen Fists of Fury? The man is a phenom and his ability to kick a** reminds me of myself.

10. Internet - Before the internet, everytime I'd send out a newsletter I'd have to get all your mailing addresses and write out individual letters. This thing has saved me soooo much time.

Oh yeah, other things I want to thank: family, friends and peace on earth.

see you next month!

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