Dream Girl - July 26th - 2005

Dream GirlTuesday, 26th July
Hey Tarun here. So it’s been a while since the last entry. Apologies. It’s been a hectic two months. Been performing like crazy. Have been offered so much work, and I apologize to everyone who I’ve turned down. It’s hard for me to leave the city sometimes.

I see all these summer hookups going on, and I guess it’s appropriate to tell the first time I ever asked out a girl. I know to some people this is trivial, but it’s my journal and if you don’t like it then please go to cnn.com and read about current events.

So anyways, the first time I asked out a girl. Which is about four years prior to the actual experience. I was taking a summer course at Boston University. I was on some sort of kick that I’d read a newspaper everyday and head to the main periodical section of the library. There was an Indian girl working behind the counter. You had to give her your id if you wanted to scan out books. Take note, aside from family, I had never really been exposed to other South Asians. I was raised in NH and there really wasn’t anyone else. So maybe it’s like when you put a tiger raised by lions and then you put him with another tiger. His first instinct is that he wants to jump the other tiger after years of sexual repression. Ok. Let’s continue. The point is, from that day on, I read the Boston Globe... a lot.

Everyday I would sit there, level B2, read the first two pages and think ‘ok. Go introduce yourself and ask her out.’ When you have no experience you really have no foundation so it’s all a matter of learning hands on.

About two weeks into it I finally had the courage to approach her. “Hi, what’s your name?”
‘That’s a nice name, like Aladdin?’ She rolled her eyes.

Back to the newspaper. I couldn’t believe how I already screwed that up. I called my older brother.
“What do girls like?”
“Confidence. You got to have confidence.”

Right! That’s it! Confidence! I showed up everyday for the next two weeks. Most of the time I just analyzed my own body language trying to figure out how to look sexy while reading a newspaper. (t-shirt + glasses = sexy) I read each article, CONFIDENTLY. Three weeks later I made another approach.

“Hi! Do you like food?” I meant to ask her if she wanted to go to dinner and instead I asked her if she liked food. I couldn’t backtrack. Women like confidence. Yeah, I asked you if you like food. That’s the way I roll.
“ I guess so.”
“What kind of food do you like?”
“Um, Taco Bell.”
“Me too.”

By now, she thought I was completely insane. I talked to her two times and both times I didn’t even ask her out but instead made fun of her name and talked about Taco Bell.

This time when I went back to my newspaper there was a random guy sitting there who had just watched the entire incident.

“You should have just asked her out for coffee.”

Whatever. I am a super cool dude and you are a 37-year old librarian. I went home that night with something to think about. “Coffee.” Isn’t that a bit cliché?

Three days later I walked into the library on a mission. Coffee or bust. I made my approach.

“Hi, my name is Tarun.”
“Yes, I remember.”
“Would you like to get coffee?”
“Um, ok.’
“Let me get your number.”
“No, let me get YOUR number!”

Success! I did it. That single incident made it the greatest day of my life. Of course, I was also introduced to a successful girl trick. Writing down the guys number and never calling.

Regardless, my life is rejection. Showbiz, performing live, girls, and everything else.
It’s only made me stronger. And if your name is Jasmine and you worked in the periodical section at Boston University like 7 years ago. Get over me. It’s time. 
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