SUV Mayhem


I keep seeing in the news this story about the guy in the SUV who got beaten up by a motorcycle gang in New York. I've been following this story closely, and when I say "closely" I mean that I watch the CNN clips with no sound when I'm on the treadmill at the gym.  If you haven't heard this, the gist is that the motorcyclists were pissed because the driver ran over their friend, crushing his spine, and took off.  The motorcyclists chased him down, smashed in the Range Rover window, dragged the driver out of his car and beat him up. Oh yeah, all of this was captured on some guy's helmet cam and the video went viral.  Thank you YouTube. 

Me personally, I wasn't shocked by the video footage.  I live in Los Angeles and see Asian people run over strangers all the time.  There are laws in L.A. that prohibit Range Rovers being sold to people of Asian descent.  But on a serious note, if it was me, and I had my wife (that doesn't exist) and a 2-year old kid (that would definitely be from my first marriage) I would have floored the car and run over as many motorcyclists as possible. I actually think after running over the first guy,  the driver should have backed up the car and tried to take out a few more.  I hate the whole "wolf pack" mentality. Just because you have a motorbike and 30 loser motorcycle-riding friends, doesn't give you clearance to disrespect the rules of the road.  If you watch the video, the motorcyclist in front clearly hit the brakes and instigated the accident.  It's hard for anyone to say what they would do because you can't prepare for anything like this.  This scenario is not in the drivers ed written test:  "If a motorbike gang purposely causes an accident and surrounds your car, do you...

A. Exchange insurance information

B. Take out gun from glove compartment and load bullets

C. Hit the gas and don't stop until you get to Mexico

One thing is for sure, everyone involved will have to shell out some serious cash:  the culprit's defense team, the paraplegic's hospital bills and most of all, replacing a window on a Range Rover.  I hope the car is OK.



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