Tarun Shetty - Zoolander - May 2009

Tarun Shetty - The New Zoolander?Wednesday, 11th March
Hey, quick blog. I’m writing this at 1am on a Tuesday. Trying to pack my bags, can’t seem to get away from my computer. Tomorrow morning I fly to St. Louis. Booked some modeling job and they’re flying me out for a couple days for a shoot.

Interesting because never in my wildest dreams growing up that I would one day work as a model. I always thought it was stupid, especially after seeing Zoolander. Yet, I gotta say. Having people pamper you and being able to fly around and see different parts of the word is pretty interesting.

I used to fly around as a stand-up so I know what it’s like but this is slightly different because I don’t have to make people laugh. I know this won’t last forever so I try not to get too attached to it! People ask me what I do and I don’t even know what to tell them sometimes: Comedian, writer, actor, producer, male model! In truth, I really like being an artist. Aside from the total insecurity and the artistic quirks which are misconstrued by others, it’s very liberating.

St. Louis! Of all the places. Why couldn’t it have been Paris? I’m there for three days. I don’t think I even have a car so I guess I’m limited with what I can do. Every time a photographer takes a photo all I think is BLUE STEEL, BLUE STEEL! 
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