Tarun vs LA Oct 16th 2004

Tarun vs. LASaturday, 16th October

So I’m writing this in LA on my friends’ floor while watching Rocky III. I want to thank Adam Hunter who has put me up in his apartment this past week. I am not easy to live with and he has been nothing but good to me. Showbiz is a tough life. Careers are at stake, so few spots for so many people. Throughout my short career, I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible to not be stabbed in the back with this year being no exception. However, with a strong support system, it’s easy to bounce back and keep going.

As expected, LA is no joke. I feel like this entire town is a movie set because nobody seems real. It's hard to make allies unless you have something that you can offer in exchange. I am not getting on stage as much as I was in NY, and I left all my representation so I’m not even auditioning. I am scrambling for money and took a part-time job last week. I spent Wednesday giving out free movie passes to ‘Bridget Jones Diary II” at UCLA. (the man training me admonished me four different times and instructed that ‘this is not a dating service’ because apparently I flirt too much.) Every gay guy in LA hits on me, the sun has made me four shades darker, I am tired. I miss my friends, running in central park, Jane Street, St. Josephs’ soup kitchen, seeing movies with J-Lu, my brother, house classes, NYU gym, the A&E thugs in room 1205, the list goes on.

For anyone who feels sorry for me please cry me a river. Life is hard and these are the rules. I am a persistant guy, and I have every intention of coming out on top. keep the faith.

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