Raising Desi - The Movie Aug 13th

Raising Desi - The MovieSunday, 13th August
August entry! Thanks for coming back. So much has happened the past few months, and I appreciate that you are on this webpage even if you are mistaking me for Bollywood star, Sunil Shetty.

A lot of people e-mail, asking for more videos. Well, the reason it's been so long was because we wrote a movie. Yep, get ready. It’s going to be good.

(For brand new videos and movie information: please check outRaisingDesi.com)

The movie is entitled ‘Raising Desi.’ It’s a comedy South Asian American film, starring myself and soon to be casted actors.

It took a lot of effort to write but I'm 100% confident that this is the best thing we've ever written. So good that after today, I hereby have changed my name to M Night Shetty just to confuse the Hollywood community.

Most importantly, we want to make this movie right, on our own terms. I mention this because we started to raise money, and I need your help.

If you, or for that matter, know anyone who may be interested in film financing: your brother, son-in law, mailman, ex-lover, please have them contact me directly: raisingdesi@gmail.com

Film production is expensive (*movie fact: the kid in the Harry Potter movies is an animatronics robot and cost 47 billion dollars to build) Plus, we plan on paying everyone back before we take any profit.

This movie is dedicated to all the people across the country that have supported my career as well as everyone who hates my guts.


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