Life to Do List Aug 11th 2004

Life To Do ListWednesday, 11th August
My birthday is next week. Hooray! I’m not sure what my plans are. I may be performing at a wedding in Pittsburgh, though it’s still up in the air. And like all birthdays, I’ve become reflective these past few days. My life could end tomorrow, but there’s so much more left to do. Below are five things (in no particular order) that I have set out to accomplish. 

#1 Sell Out The Beacon Theater – The Beacon Theater is a small venue in New York. It’s nothing special, but I used to walk by this place every night on my way home after working the door at a comedy club. To be honest, I’ve never even been inside. But I know Ellen Degeneres played it a couple times. Perhaps it’s just for validation or maybe I want to feed my own ego and see my name on the small light board outside. It’s just a matter of time, and it would beat playing at a s***** comedy club.

#2 Have a family – If you were to ask me if I wanted a family five years ago I would have said no. I was all about sacrifice. No pain, no gain. I wouldn’t let anyone stand in my way. My motto was ‘relationships are for the weak.’ Not saying I was wrong. That’s just how I felt five years ago. Things change. I was at my cousin’s three year birthday last weekend, and I think I changed my mind. At the same time, if my kid turns out to be anything like me… God save us all.

#3 Join the Peace Corp – I may not go through with this one. Only because a two-year commitment is a long time and if I happen to accomplish goal number two then there’s no way I’m leaving for Guatemala or whatever for twenty-four months. However, I really intend to have positive impact on this world. I will always continue to volunteer, but the Peace Corp would be the ultimate.

#4 Financial Security:
I’m going to do this. Mark my words. Don’t get me wrong. Let me be clear. I am not obsessed with money. In fact, I was broke five years ago, and made $6.25 an hour to make peanut butter sandwiches. I just don’t ever want to come near this state of being ever again. However, the great thing about being poor is when I had nothing, I found myself falling back on my character, and I tried harder to be a better person. I wouldn’t be the person today if it wasn’t for the hard years starting out.

#5 Fall In Love - This is the gayest thing I’ve ever wrote in this online journal. But I can safely say that I’ve never fallen for a girl, ever. My married friends encourage me to find this, my divorced friends warn me. The people closest to me know that I work incessantly on my career. I put minimal effort into finding ‘the one,’ plus I am very shy. Also, for some reason, girls don’t like it when I ask them to sign a pre-nup on the second date. Que sera, sera….

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