Liangelo Ball's Apology Speech

I got bored and watched Liangelo Ball's apology speech today.  For those of you who don't know. Three UCLA basketball players got caught shoplifting in China, one of them was LiAngelo Ball who is Lonzo Ball's brother, who plays for the Lakers.  The story got a lot of attention because they were detained and Trump had to ask the president to release them. 

I personally think America should have left them in China.  Not for stealing but for having 8th grade literacy skills. These guys could barely read their own speeches. Heck with serving prison time, if they really wanted to punish Liangelo, he should have been sentenced to ten years in a library.   The first guy actually said GO BRUINS at the end of his speech.  What a perfect time to show school spirit!

From what I read, these guys got busted for stealing SUNGLASSES.  Does China manufacture amazing sunglasses that I'm not aware of?  You can steal sunglasses at the Beverly Center mall for way less prison time.  

So kids pay attention.  Crime doesn't pay.  (Unless you are a collegiate athlete at a D1 University)