Critical Mass - The Final Episode

Tomorrow we release the final episode of Critical Mass.  For those of you who watched Desi OC ten years ago and wanted a reunion episode, this is as close as it’s going to get.

I started the series last year with my friend Lak Rana completely out of boredom.  Actors in L.A. know how soul crushing it is to wait around for auditions so you can hang out with 90 people at 200 South LaBrea. I quit my day job and was hanging out in New Hampshire, debating getting a job as a Walmart greeter.  I called Lak in L.A., “Hey, we should shoot something?”  And so it began, our third web series.

With zero crew, the series consisted of us setting up shots on tripods and holding the camera on each other.  If you rewatch old episodes, our eye line is off and things are out of focus.  Many times Lak is acting by himself and running his lines to nobody while I’m holding the camera.  We started including guest stars from friends who showed up on their free time (who all did a great job, and I owe a debt of gratitude) and we pushed ourselves to shoot  in challenging locations.

The views were whatever.  We didn’t care. The point was to make something, use stories from our real lives and be ourselves.  I’ve learned over the years, the trick to living in L.A., is to consistently generate content but also ignore everyone who tells you what’s wrong with it.  

For the final episode, I recruited the director of Desi OC, Atif Mirza, and many familiar faces from the original series.  I'm really happy with how it turned out and you can watch all the previous episodes on YouTube where it will be forever preserved for future generations. Excited for what’s next…  

(cut to me in Walmart)

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