Paging Nick Stahl

Today, Nick Stahl the guy from Terminator 3 was reported missing.  My first reaction was that the T-X got him or maybe the robots finally succeeded in killing John Connor. 

Of course, reality is that this is Hollywood and people go crazy all the time.  I read this off my friend's Facebook wall,

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.”  –Van Gogh

Let’s think about this.  Van Gogh thought he was nuts, and he never had to drive to Ocean Park Casting in Santa Monica in traffic to play Man #3 for a Taco Bell commercial.  (Yes, I realize this is an inside joke for L.A. actors, and I don’t care.) 

I don’t know Nick Stahl and certainly have no idea what would bring a man to bail on his family.  I do know that from a commercial standpoint, he was relatively successful and had done some notable past work.  Point being, all this stuff means jack if your personal life is not aligned. 

To everyone in L.A. -  you’re screwed because you’re probably already brainwashed.  If you don’t believe me go see what people are writing for FB posts.  However, if you don’t live here, there’s still time.  Go buy a dog and live in the woods.   If I didn't have an audition tomorrow, that’s what I would do. 



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