Movie Blog 2 - Nov 1st - 2008

Movie Blog 2Saturday, 1st November

So we are in November and are well into shooting the movie. We’ve been shooting on weekends because this shooting schedule gives us more time to prepare.

Shooting is quite fun… and exhausting. I’m glad we shot all those Desi OC’s because at least I know somewhat how I am coming across on camera. I especially like this project because it’s not all Indians in the cast. Sometimes I get sick of doing everything targeted towards South Asians and it’s good to branch out.

Jerry O’Connell was in my improv class and I asked him to do a cameo in the movie. He didn’t say no but he didn’t say yes. He’s a super nice guy and very funny so I have nothing against him. I would have regretted it if I didn’t ask.

Here are some people in my movie that I’m pretty happy about: Lak Rana, Shazia Deen, Theo Von, Jason Zumwalt, Deema Mauladad, Kunal Shetty. (yes, my brother)

Everybody is showing up prepared and doing a great job. I am definitely better when I’m having fun, so the cast and crew is making my life very easy.

When not shooting, I am constantly thinking and working which is probably not a good thing. I think that after this I will take a vacation but knowing me I will probably just use that time to do start more projects and keep the cycle going. I hate the fact that I can't leave town to do stand-up so maybe I'll just do more of that.

I did manage to go out yesterday and went to a costume party (two actually) I found this sombrero in my closet so I just put it on and carried around a bag of oranges. I know this is racist so you don’t need to e-mail and tell me. Lak Rana rolled with me as well as my little brother. I told Lak that we should just wear our normal clothes and go as “Sanjay and Ajay” but I don’t think people would get that.

Atif and I are going to location scout tomorrow morning. (Sunday at 10 am) I hate the fact that I have to wake up early and drive an hour to check out a location but this is what I have to do.

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