Letters People Send Me - Nov 15 - 2010

Letters People Send MeMonday, 15th November
Yes, it’s been a while. If I could put a new blog up here every day keeping everybody up to date, I would. However, time is fleeting, and I apologize for being AWOL. Anyway, we at RDP truly appreciate the support, and thanks to all the cool media outlets who have given us coverage the past few months.

I’ve also been getting a lot of FB messages/emails asking random stuff. Unfortunately, we’re not Google and don’t have an admin support team so I picked a handful of questions and answered below. After reading, if you still need to know something please bug our production coordinator Yalda Sadiq. She has a fb page, and she would love to fb chat.

Tarun what the f**k is going on with your movie Bobby Khan’s Ticket to Hollywood? It’s been like 5 years? – Dev 

Dev, First of all you need to buy a calendar because it hasn’t been five years. It’s been seven years. Making a movie is very hard. Especially a good movie. We at RPD pride ourselves at making quality work and this movie will define what we are capable of. We’re working pretty hard and laboring over every detail to the best of our abilities. Bobby Khan will be worth the wait.

….when is the next Desi OC coming out? Also, how come you guys aren’t on youtube anymore? - Sujatha 

Hi Sujatha, we have shot 3/4 of DESI OC 17. Hopefully it will be out very soon. The reason we are not on youtube is because we are sponsored by the magnificent Shaadi.com (according to the contract, I have to write that every time I mention the site) Although we can’t run private ads on youtube, you can keep up to date with all DESI OC episodes on our homesite Raisingdesi.com.

… did u create your shows to hook up with desi chicks in Socal? -Ravi 

Yes, that’s it totally.

Is that girl in the yellow bikini from Desi OC 11 single? – Josh 

Is every guy who watches Desi OC some sort of creeper? She's a robot. We built her. Check out the 80's movie Weird Science. It's based on us.

I heard Russell Peters is in your Bobby Khan movie. Can you give me his contact information? I’m making a movie and want to get a script to him. 

Yes, he is. Here’s his contact info – http://www.russellpeters.com/

… (long rant about some school and an annual Bhangra show) We were going to get you to host it. Aren’t you some kind of stand-up comic? You performed at Tulane in 04’ which is an two hours away. What happened to you? - Aafreen 

I still do stand-up comedy but only in L.A. clubs in front of 15 people at 1 in the morning. (my personal webpage lists my upcoming shows) I started a production company so I could make comedy movies.

…. big fan of your Rising Desi’s. I’m moving to Hollywood. We should meet for coffee. What’s your number? Mine is, XXX-XXX-XXXX. In the meantime, can you give me advice on how what I should do? – Prakash 

Prakash, First of all, our company is Raising Desi not Rising Desi. We’re not a bakery. Also, I run it with Atif Mirza who directs everything and has written a lot of stuff. Yes, lets get coffee.

Here is my contact info - http://www.russellpeters.com/

Re: how what you should do. I don’t know what it is you seek but grammar seems your strong suite. I recommend becoming an English teacher.


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