Jet Lag vs. Tarun vs. The Elderly - Jan 18th - 2010

Jet Lag Vs. Tarun Vs. The ElderlyMonday, 18th January
I am so freakin jet lagged. I got back from India last Sunday and have made no attempt to fight my jet lag whatsoever.. It’s so random that I just fall asleep in the middle of the day. I feel like this is what it’s going to be like when I turn 80. You think your day is going fine and then BAM – nap time! I’ve realized that this is a good thing and I’ve become more envious of the elderly. Old people can just fall asleep in random places and passerbyers give them a free pass because of their age. I once saw an elderly guy with a headband sleeping on one of those sit down exercise bikes at the gym. He could have been dead, but everyone was like “Shhhh…he’s so cute!”

I’ve also noticed that the elderly can get away with having s***** attitudes. I was in line at Rite Aid and this walking mummy of a lady was in front complaining that the pharmacist was too slow and NOBODY WAS PAYING ATTENTION! I complain for two seconds and everyone says I should see a therapist. WTF?

And lets not forget about that if you’re old people and have money you can still bang chicks 1/4 your age. I swear, if I see one more rich dude walking with a cane on Melrose and holding hands with a girl that could be his granddaughter…

Let’s be clear. I have no problem with the elderly. In fact, I really believe the majority of them are sweet and nice and the grandma next door to me frequently bakes me cookies. BUT… if you see a complaining old person who may look like he/she might be worth a couple million dollars and he’s giving you attitude. Just push him out of the way and keep walking. If I see you do this I will probably hi-five you on the street. We are stronger because God made it so and we should take advantage before time takes our soul. Peace. Love. Joy.
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