Sopranos - May 28th - 2003

Ok. Been super busy these past two weeks. I apologize to the weekly readers and promise more spontaneity with the entries. Quick shout out to all the people who came out to support in Jersey. Two great shows. Much love to the Desi crowd from Dallas.

So back in New York. Finally got an audition for the Sopranos. I was the "hotel manager" who argues with Carmela after she finds out that her son is smoking pot in one of the rooms. I almost walked out after the casting director told me to play up the "Indian thing" a little more. I've already walked out of five, why not six? The acting world is not pretty.

Also at Luna Lounge last Monday night. I was there from beginning to end! I haven't sat through an entire stand-up comedy show since 98'. I now understand why audience members walk out half-way through a show. A lot of horrible comics out there taking up space. Props to Barry Sobel, Marc Maron and Dom Irerra for saving the show and giving a comic much needed inspiration.

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