New Hampshire - April 8th - 2003

New HampshireTuesday, 8th April
This past weekend I performed at a college and headed north to where I grew up, New Hampshire. Yaay! Yep, New Hampshire. I find it disconcerting that I spent 18 years of my life there and still pretty much know nothing about my home state. Anyways, I had a bit of free time so I jotted down a few journal entries for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Friday, 6:00 p.m.

Just boarded the bus. Greyhound. I hate this bus. Greyhound is like some kind of present-day Mayflower. Stuff eighty people onto a bus and see which ones live. I think two hours have passed but uncertain. Not sure if I’m falling asleep or if I’m slipping into sporadic comas. Not fun.

Saturday, 10:00 am.

Ok. I reached last night at 2:00am. Good to be back home. Nothing has changed. The pillows on my bed are exactly how I left them three months ago. I think my parents have gotten a little older though. I’m a lousy son for coming home once every blue moon. Thank God my little brother is going to college two hours away. Helps alleviate some guilt. I’m not doing jack today. I don’t even want to touch my notebooks. Did I mention that I have no TV in New York? So weird to have this thing in the house. We’re at war, and I’ve never even seen any of it. I watched it for like five minutes and changed the channel to “Are You Hot” on ABC. The blond-haired chick on that show is definitely hot.

Sunday 3:00pm.

This weekend has been good but incredibly short. Yesterday was pretty good. I’m trying to relax and refresh myself for more battles in New York. I watched the 8 Mile DVD. Eminem is really good at playing himself. I’m sure he’ll have a great film career playing white rappers who rap-battle amongst inner-city minorities. Also went out to Chinese food with my parents and younger brother. My fortune said “Death is not far away.” That’s inspiring. Are these things supposed to be hand-written? I want to freeze time and stay another three weeks. And I lost an hour thanks to day-light savings. Greeaaaaat…

Sunday 12:31 am

I’m about to board another Greyhound bus at Boston’s South Station. Does Greyhound have some kind of monopoly over s***** buses? These two guys behind me almost got into a fight, and I think the old lady in front of me thinks I’m trying to cut her. As soon as I get on the bus, I’m going to get a single seat, put all my luggage on the seat next to it and pretend I’m asleep. Ha-ha-ha… s**** you Greyhound.
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