Jesus Loves You - March 19th 2003

Jesus Loves YouWednesday, 19th March
All right. First entry. I'll be honest. I'm a bit scared to write in this because my webmaster said I can't erase anything so if I write anything, it's up for good. They also said that they've never tested this diary thing. Which means that the words that I type could come out all jumbled on the website and make this writing spurt a big waste of time.

With that said, I was on my way to do a set when my friend and I were stopped in the middle of Times Square by a lady and these two 15 year-old girls from South Carolina. They were giving out flyers that read "You're Special" and "Jesus Loves You." Ok. Firstly, let me just say that I have nothing against Jesus. I'm not Catholic, but I'm sure Jesus loves me and whatever. So my friend, who is a comic and can get very political on stage, rips into the adult. I don't know. He was saying something about how children should be allowed to be children. And that she was abusing the children by forcing them to pass out pamphlets because no one would ever take a flyer from a 40 year-old dude. The girls were really uncomfortable and even the lady who loves Jesus and spreads goodwill and cheer looked like she was going to rip his head off. I think I was more intrigued that yeah, we can yell at you on the street and make you feel bad, but if you come into a comedy club and have to pay $8 and a drink minimum, everything my friend was saying would suddenly be hysterical! Ah, the magic of stand-up comedy. 
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